Legal Nurse Consulting

Legal Nurse Consultants

We Help You Understand the Medicine So You Can Focus on the Law


Legal Nurse Consultants Discuss a Case
Vera Juris offers comprehensive medical-legal services for medical malpractice and personal injury attorneys. Our  legal nurse consultants  are experienced medical professionals who know which documents to collect, how to interpret and summarize them and note the critical issues within the case. By using Vera Juris’ services, you can feel confident that we will develop an informed understanding of the quality of health care delivery and the resulting outcomes.


 Legal Nurse Consultants - The Right Experience
Our consulting work is of superior quality. When assessing a medical case it is much more effective and efficient to use legal nurse consultants with clinical experience in the fields relevant to your client's case. Healthcare is most often delivered by providers with specialized training in specific fields of medicine. Each field has its own unique language, acronyms, procedures and standards of care. Unlike most solo medical-legal practices, the Vera Juris team includes seasoned legal nurse consultants with clinical experience in every medical specialty. This allows us to bring focused expertise to every case.


 Legal Nurse Consultants - The Right Services
We regularly customize consulting packages depending on the specific case or project needs and the phase of litigation. Here is a list of the services we offer:
  • Educate attorneys regarding medical facts and issues relating to a case or claim
  • Review medical records, evidence and applicable literature to determine the merit of a case
  • Define applicable standards of care
  • Evaluate cases for deviations from and adherences to applicable standards of care
  • Assess alleged causation, contributing factors and damages
  • Review, organize and summarize medical records
  • Identify missing medical records
  • Screen for record tampering 
  • Research the medical literature and apply this information to the case analysis
  • Prepare chronologies of medical events and correlate them with the allegation
  • Interview witnesses, experts and involved parties
  • Identify, retain and interface with appropriate expert witnesses
  • Serve as a liaison between attorneys, health care providers, testifying experts, witnesses, clients and other involved parties
  • Aid in preparing demonstrative evidence and exhibits for depositions and trial
  • Provide support in medical depositions including the preparation of questions and the review of testimony
  • Coordinate and attend Independent Medical Examinations