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Nurse Experts and Medical-Legal Consultants
Nurse Experts for Medical Malpractice Attorneys


Vera Juris' mission is to provide attorneys engaged in medically related litigation with superior and cost-effective service. We provide a comprehensive set of services to facilitate obtaining the best possible outcome for attorneys and their clients. We provide these top quality services to our customers by building a great firm that is able to attract, develop and retain exceptional people.

These objectives drive Vera Juris' definition of success and have guided all aspects of our business -- from the composition of our consultant team to the development and execution of the services portfolio.


At first glance, all medical-legal consulting firms may seem alike. The resumes of their staff members, reports, and fees are similar, but Vera Juris stands out. 

Our people are our greatest asset. Medical-legal consulting requires a specific skill set that not all health care professionals possess. Vera Juris’ team is comprised of experienced  nurse expert witnesses  and  legal nurse consultants  that meet our stringent standards for both clinical and legal nursing training. Each consultant is vetted via actual work samples for their critical analysis and reasoning skills. Clinical experience and communication aptitude are paramount. 

Health care is most often delivered by providers with specialized training in specific fields of medicine. Each medical specialty has its own unique acronyms, procedures and standards of care. It is much more effective and efficient to use a medical-legal consultant with clinical experience in the field relevant to your client's case. The Vera Juris team includes seasoned  medical-legal consultants  with clinical experience in every medical specialty. This allows us to bring focused expertise to every case. Additionally, case assessments can be best served when performed by nurses with an appropriate scope of practice. The Vera Juris team includes  registered nurses (RN) and advance practice nurses such as  nurse practitioners (NPs) certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) and  certified nurse midwifes (CNMs).

Medical litigation cases require a broad range of supporting activities. Vera Juris is a full service national consultancy. We have the ability to help you from beginning to end on every case. We utilize all current networking, communication and courier capabilities and thus geography poses no restrictions.

With Vera Juris, our superior services become your strategic advantage.​​​​
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