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Vera Juris is a national medical-legal consulting firm that provides RN expert witnesses to medical malpractice and personal injury attorneys. We help both plaintiff and defense lawyers develop an informed understanding on whether nurses met the standard of care when they provided treatment to patients.
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Our RN Expert Witnesses:
  • Have superior credentials for establishing credibility
  • Are available nationwide
  • Provide expertise in all medical specialties
  • Define applicable standards of care for RNs
  • Review medical records, depositions, and relevant literature
  • Objectively evaluate if the nursing standard of care was met
  • Educate attorneys on medical facts and issues relating to a case
  • Prepare written reports regarding standard of care
  • Provide testimony at depositions and trials​
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What Our Clients Say

J.P. Sawyer
Sawyer Law Firm LLC
Enterprise, AL

Vera Juris is my "go to" firm for RN expert witnesses for medical litigation.

They have provided me with well-credentialed, vetted RN experts for several complex cases whose expertise was key in achieving favorable settlements for my clients.

Unlike some other "big named" expert firms, Vera Juris provides personalized service. They take the time to understand my cases upfront and identify the precise nurse specialist I need. I am confident that the RN expert witnesses they present to me are well qualified, capable, and able to satisfy the unique criteria of my state's medical expert witness requirements. Plus, they don't gouge me on the billing.

I highly recommend Vera Juris to any attorney that needs an RN expert witness for their medical litigation.

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